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These beautiful cast stone products are available in a choice of three exclusive (3) acid stains and eight (8) exclusive natural pigment stains in addition to natural cast stone. All of our patinas and acid stains are hand applied in a multi-step process, producing uniquely beautiful original pieces. Designed to replicate the look of naturally aged materials, the patinas will not prevent the natural aging process that occurs in an outdoor environment.

The acid stains (a mixture of water, metallic salts, and muriatic acid) penetrate the surface and react chemically with elements in the cast stone, producing a rich saturated stain that resists flaking or peeling. Like stains for wood, each piece will accept our patinas in varying degrees of intensity, creating natural variations that add character and distinction to every piece. Even when applied with the same process, no two pieces will look exactly alike due to the composition of the cast stone, and the varying age of the pieces. Rather than creating uniform stains, our approach gives our products their unique beauty and appeal.

Made in the USA



Ship Wt.

CAMP-P757 Small

23” W x 17.75” H

158 lbs.

CAMP-P755 Medium

27” W x 21.5” H

238 lbs.

CAMP-P756 Large

33” W x 26” H

378 lbs.

  • Specification

    571.16 Kb

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