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Multi-step hand crafted foam coated furniture.
The design flexibility of our coated foam is limitless.
* We start with a large foam bun which is CNC cut into virtually any shape.
* Our foam coating is applied and the entire color spectrum is at your disposal.
* When completed the product is a flexible, weather resistant, seamless design statement.

With the High Traffic option, we add an MDF Base to the bottom prior to
coating and nylon glides. This allows the units to be used outdoors because air can circulate underneath.  This also protects the color coating from being rubbed against harsh surfaces.

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Tables and lounges in other styles available.

International Designer Pieter Jamart


Trinity Description Dimensions

SI-Trinity 1

High Traffic

Seating 31½ W x 31½ x 27” H

SI-Trinity 2

High Traffic

Seating 31½ W x 31½ x 27” H
  • Specification

    270.85 Kb

T2 Site Amenities

T2 Site Amenities