Tall Cone Bronze

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These beautiful Ceramic Planters from Vietnam come in sets of 3
* All of the above sizes come together in one package.
* Traditional craftsmanship is used to create these pots and guarantee that no 2 are alike.
* Uneven glazing and variations in color and texture are part of their beauty.
* Can be sold separately for larger orders upcharge involved. 
* Saucers available.
* Available colors Green, Avacado, Blue, Bronze, Copper Red, Dark Brown, Aqua, GunMetal, Metallic Gold.
Collaborating with small family owned ceramic factories to create high quality, innovative pottery for the commercial marketplace.

Model Dimensions Ship Wt.
AC-56060BR1 Outside Dia. 22” x 37” H 148 lbs.
AC-56060BR2 Outside Dia. 17” x 28” H 72 lbs.
AC-56060BR3 Outside Dia. 13” x 23” H 46 lbs.
  • Specification

    658.22 Kb

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