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With style worthy of a luxurious casino or chic hotel, it’s hard to believe that the tasteful Prescott urn doubles as a trash receptacle. These elegantly formed concrete ash urns provide a discreet way for guests to dispose of their waste without detracting from the sumptuous scenery. When used in tandem with our Prescott commercial planters, this cigarette disposal receptacle creates a lovely cohesive look worthy of classical, Mediterranean, Baroque, or transitional décor.

Decorative without being overwhelmingly ornate, the Prescott features a classic Greco-Roman fluted column design and medallion band with modern spherical feet. Use this ash/trash urn indoors or outdoors for a look of timeless sophistication.

Powder coated aluminum lid and rigid plastic liner included.

Prescott Dia. Ht.
STY-F2800 Ash only

Lid no liner

12.5” 22”
STY-F2801 16’ 30”
STY-F2802 20” 30”
STY-F2803 25” 33”
  • Specification

    725.76 Kb

T2 Site Amenities

T2 Site Amenities