Royalton Large 2 Stream

Size + Options


Fiberglass Construction suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use
* Available with different lid configurations.
* Single or 2 stream.
* Available in the following finishes: Gel Coat, Double Coat, Concrete Light, Speckled, Stone Like & Metallic Patina.
* Matching Planters Available.

Model ROYALTON Description/Capacity Dia. Ht.
AF-11RAL123OR Single opening trash or recycling bin. 9 gallon capacity. 12” 30”
AF-11RAL2133R Single or dual openings. 2/12 gallon liners or one 24 gallon liner. 21.5” 33”
AF-11RAL2634R Single or dual openings. 2/17 gallon or one 34 gallon liner. 26” 34”
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T2 Site Amenities

T2 Site Amenities