Oliver Square

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This beautifully detailed Oliver Square Planter offers high grade commercial quality with a touch of charm.
* Commercial grade thickness for added strength.
* Textured finish for increased durability.
* Molded polyethylene planter with UV inhibitors.
* Weather resistant, low maintenance material.
* Double wall design.
* 5-year commercial warranty.
* Available in Standard Colors of: black, white, clay, & espresso.
* Custom colors are available in 50 unit minimum orders only.
What a great way to accent the entrance to your business or simply add character to any outdoor space.

Oliver Square Dimensions
NV – 8825 L 20” – W 20” – H 20”
NV – 8800 L 28” – W 28” H 28”


  • Specification

    811.14 Kb

T2 Site Amenities

T2 Site Amenities