Modular Rounds

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Our innovative Lite® composite material convincingly replicates the look of lead, iron, and concrete, without the weight of these traditional materials.
This lightweight composite material blends clay and other natural materials with resin and fiberglass to create a lightweight durable product that provides strength and durability without compromising quality or design.
* Lightweight and durable Fiberglass
* Frost resistant
* Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use
* Modular shapes for custom layouts |
* Finishes are textured to provide scratch resistance
Appropriate for indoor or outdoor application, including rooftops, outdoor patios, terraces, urban parks, restaurants, hotels and indoor plantscaping.

Modular Rounds   Dimensions Ship Wt.
CAMP- MLRnd2830 27.5” Dia. X 30” H 29 lbs.
CAMP- MLRnd2224 21.75” Dia. X23.75” H 20 lbs.
CAMP-MLPetal2826 27.5” Dia. X 25.5”H 26 lbs.
CAMP-MLPetal2820 27.5” Dia. X 19.75” H 19 lbs.
CAMP-MLPetal2220 21.Dia.X19.75”H 15 lbs.
CAMP-MLPetal2216 21.75” Dia. X 15.75”H 13 lbs.
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