Laguna 2 stream Recycler

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Our Laguna recycling container is elegant & simple with a rounded rectangular shape.
* It fits seamlessly in both contemporary and classic environments.
* 2 stream recycling bin. 32″ W x 16″ D x 31″ H.
* Includes two rigid plastic liners.
* Top sits flush to base.
* Top and Base are Aventura Bronze Matte.
* Trash opening is 8″ dia.
* Co-mingle recycling to ensure easy recycling compliance.
* Contact T2 Site Amenities directly for details on recycle, custom and food court applications.
* Many different colors available. Matching Planters available.

Model Laguna Description / Capacity Lg Dpt. Ht.
AF-7CA321631 Fiberglass 2 stream recycler 32” 16” 31”
  • Specification

    429.43 Kb

T2 Site Amenities

T2 Site Amenities