Havana Triple SLIM

Size + Options


Side load enclosure for 4-6 stream recycling
* With plain or bead panel design.
* Units include (4-6) rigid plastic liners with metal reinforced front hinged doors for ease of liner removal.
* Available with plain or bead panel design.
* Curved Roof and Overlay restrictive openings with choice of symbols.
* Available in two tone or solid colors.
* Our Earth Friendly Recyclers are constructed 97% recycled milk jugs.
* It is resistant to insect, mildew, mold, & graffiti.
* Won’t split, rot, crack and never needs paint.
* Has UV inhibitors to prevent fading.
* Comes in 8 colors with multiple combinations available.
* Made in the USA

Model HAVANA Cap. Dimensions Wt.
NT-N319201938TSP2P2 4-6 liners 68 x 24 x 39”H 197 lbs.
NT-N319201945TSP2P2 4-6 liners 68 x 24 x 44”H 216 lbs.
NT-N319201955TSP2P2 4-6 liners 68 x 24 x 48”H 229 lbs.
  • Specification

    433.47 Kb

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