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Made of fiberglass this outstanding Receptacle get’s noticed.
* Durable Fiberglass amenities are high impact resistant.
* Ideal for interior, exterior, and commercial applications.
* Features Classy Contemporary designs.
* Available as trash/ash or recycling.
* Matching planters available.
* Available in all finishes and colors.
* Made in the USA.
Shown here in a White Applied two stage coating with a semi-gloss clear coat finish.
This new receptacle has a series of horizontal accent lines that run the entire length of the receptacle, resulting in a very unique geometrical shape.

Model Guggenheim Dimensions
AF-7MI2436T Trash only 24” W x 36” H
AF-7MI2436TA Ash/Trash top 24” W x 36” H
  • Specification

    301.16 Kb

T2 Site Amenities

T2 Site Amenities