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Contemporary panache meets ancient elegance with the Geo Grid GFRC trash containers. This combined ash/trash urn is a classy way to provide a waste area for guest when plain old trash cans just won’t do. When combined with our Geo Grid planters, this waste receptacle creates a sleek stylish look indoors or outside. Smooth bands cross and converge on a textured background, giving this urn an aspect that is one part primitive, one part modish.

With this unique appeal, the Geo Grid urn can be added to classical, modern, Bohemian, and tropical décor types with equal ease. Choose your textural color to make this functional centerpiece a perfect match with your space.

Powder coated aluminum lid and rigid plastic liner included.

Geo Grid Dia. Ht.
STY-F3400 Ash only

Lid no liner

15” 22”
STY-F3401 20.25” 30”
STY-F3402 24.25” 30”
STY-F3403 29.5” 33”
  • Specification

    616.56 Kb

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