Garbino Solid Colors

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Perfect for Recycling
* Stylish Garbino can has a large capacity with ergonomic handles.
* Can be easily tucked away.
* 2½ gal. capacity.
* Constructed of 100% Post Industrial plastic.
* Bio-degradable polyethylene with Matte Black exterior.
* Please Note Minimum Quantities Apply.
Shows your patrons that you are serious about recycling all over your property.

A winner of numerous design awards and on permanent display at Art Museums, GARBINO’s swerving rim, flowing curves and negative spaces make it the most glamorous of cans.

DESIGN INSPIRATION: Beauty and function are not separate. A mundane object like a trash can deserves great design. The GARBINO name is inspired by the acclaimed actress Greta Garbo.

Model GARBINO Capacity Height Outside Diameter Finish
UMB – 082855 2½ Gallons 13” 10” 040 Matte Black
  • Specification

    533.06 Kb

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