Eliza Trough

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The original circa 1550 still stands at the entrance to one of Scotland’s most stately homes.
* Made from lightweight fiberglass
* Faux Lead is the standard color (as shown)
* Terra Cotta and Bronze Copper available at an Up charge.
The Eliza Collection can be used on roof terraces and balconies as well as in traditional garden settings.

Model Dimensions Wt.
CAP-ELIZ1513D 29L X 15D X 13 H Faux Lead 10 lbs.
CAP-ELIZ1513T 43L X 15D X 13 H Faux Lead 11 lbs.
CAP-ELIZ2004D 39L x  20W x 16H Faux Lead 20 lbs.
CAP-ELIZ2004T 59L x 20W x 16HH Faux Lead 25 lbs.
  • Specification

    350.53 Kb

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