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This receptacle is designed with a round gradual tapered body with multiple accent rings around the base and top.
* Fabricated from Fiberglass.
* Construction suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use.
* Available in the following finishes: Two Stage Coating, Poly Lite Crete, Multi-Spec, Feather Lite-Stone, Metal Patina.
* Coordinating Planters Available.
* Sleek and Contemporary.
* Shown in Feather-Lite Stone finish (150).
* Made in the USA.

Model CLEO Gal. Cap. Ht. Dimensions Wt.
 AF-7RO2932T  32  32”  29”  50 lbs.
 AF-7RO2932TA  32  32”  29”  50 lbs.
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    687.76 Kb

T2 Site Amenities

T2 Site Amenities