Teak tall Divider

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Tall Street Planters are perfect for defining space on terraces sidewalk bistro’s and various other applications.
* Beautiful teak hardwood can be had in custom sizes for your project. 
* Makes a terrific divider and wind or privacy screen.
* These versatile planters offer terrific value and are designed not to require liners.
* All hardware is stainless steel.
* Holes in the base as well a teak footings underneath provide great drainage in outdoor settings.
Fifteen years ago, we planted hundreds of thousands of trees in Costa Rica in an effort to reforest areas of the country that had been denuded.
The trees are tended with expertise and care, producing the finest teak wood in the world.
Each of the plantations is managed in a sustainable, environmentally sound way so that our part of the rainforest will remain permanently preserved.

TALL TEAK DIVIDER Length Width Height
DT-W246 24” 6” 6”
DT-W306 30” 6” 6”
DT-W366 36” 6” 6”
DT-W486 48” 6” 6”
  • Specification

    311.30 Kb

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