Spectrum Black 42 Ash

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Contemporary style dome lid helps keep the weather elements out and allows for convenient disposal on all sides.
* Heavy-duty waste container is designed to withstand the harshest environments.
* Indoor or outdoor use.
* Large 42-gallon trash capacity with a removable ashtray uses 45 gallon trash bags and is perfect for high traffic areas.
* Large 12.25” x 6” Openings on all four sides allow for convenient disposal o Lid fits snug to base and lifts off for easy trash removal.
* Trash receptacle includes patented Grab Bag™ system and additional routed openings to secure trash bag in place.
* Environmentally friendly molded from long-lasting recycled polyethylene; won’t rust, dent or chip Plastic is approximately 1/8” thick for extra durability.
* 50% post-consumer recycled content (color black).
* 25% post- consumer recycled content (colors beige, gray and blue).
* Made in the USA.
* 1 Year Warranty.

Spectrum 42 Capacity Ht. Outside Dimensions Ship Wt.
CZ-73300199 Black Ashtray Lid  42 gal.  41 3/4”  18.5” sq.  24 lbs.
CZ-73290199  42 gal.  41 3/4”  18.5” sq.  24 lbs.
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