Forest Table and Chairs

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Organically modern, Forest tables and Chairs showcase contemporary form with a
Unique Laser Cut architectural tree line design.

* Aluminum and steel components are protected with a powder coat finish to resist rusting.
* Mature grade Bamboo is finished with a UV resistant stain.
* Available in Multiple colors.
* Two unique architectural patterns Tree line or Raindrops.
* Matching Receptacles and Recyclers available for a beautiful ensemble look.

Forest Chairs


Description Dimensions Ship Wt.

Forest Chair

Heavy Gauge Aluminum seat and back cast Aluminum frame and legs 35” H x 20” W x 23” D 25 lbs.

Forest Chair w/armrests

Heavy Gauge Aluminum Seat and back with armrests 35” H x 24” W x 23” D 27 lbs.


Aluminum Round Bistro Table 29” H x 40” Diameter

29” H x 48” Diameter

60 lbs.

60 lbs.



Bamboo Top Round Bistro Table 30” H x 40” Diameter

30” H X 48” Diameter

62 lbs.

72 lbs.

  • Specification

    428.21 Kb

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T2 Site Amenities