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The Custis GFRC ash can/trash urn is a traditional site furnishing that fits well with many types of landscape design and décor.
Its basic rectangular shape gives it a timeless, presidential, look, with simple raised ridges add that extra little step of flair, setting it apart from uninspired commercial trash receptacles.

This modest container doesn’t demand the spotlight; it subtly blends in with your tastefully chosen indoor or outdoor furniture to create a unified look. Serving its functional purpose as a discreet way for guests to dispose of their cigarettes, food wrappers, or other waste, these stylish commercial trash receptacles are that little something extra that makes a setting really shine.

Powder coated Aluminum lid and rigid plastic liner included for trash.

Matching planters available


Custis Dim. Ht.
STY-F1420 Ash only Lid no liner 12.5” 22”
STY-F1420 16’ 30”
STY-F1422 20” 30”
STY-F1423 25” 33”
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    662.26 Kb

T2 Site Amenities

T2 Site Amenities