Yixing Clay Bowl

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located in the southern part of China’s Jiangsu province, is the world’s only source of Zisha, also known as “purple clay.” With high iron content and no lead, this reddish brown stoneware is used in the production of Zisha or Yixing teapots. Known for their high durability and aesthetic shapes, they were originally created during the Song Dynasty in the 10th century.

These planters ship from Vietnam. Please allow ten weeks.

Model YIXING CLAY BOWL Dimensions Ship Wt.
AC-39010 extra large Outside Dia. 48” x 11” H 147 lbs.
AC-39020 large Outside Dia. 40” x 10” H 102 lbs.
AC-39030 medium Outside Dia. 32” x 8” H 66 lbs.
AC-39035 medium Outside Dia. 24” x 6” H 26 lbs.
AC-39040 small Outside Dia. 20” x 4.5” H 18 lbs
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    691.56 Kb

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