Waffle Planters

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Strong, Unique planters are available in large and very large sizes and are especially suitable for commercial applications.
All are hand crafted by coiling and fired in traditional kilns using wood.
This process affects the appearance of the pots and interesting variations in color and texture occur naturally.
Exact Dimensions may be off due to the handmade nature of these pots.

These jars ship from Vietnam. If out of stock, please allow ten weeks.

WAFFLE JARS Dimensions Ship Wt.
AC-2219 Medium Urn Outside Dia. 21” x 20” H 55 lbs.
AC-2222 Medium Bowl Outside Dia. 23” x 15” H 55 lbs.
AC-2225 Large Jar Outside Dia. 26” x 31” H 105 lbs.
AC-2232 Extra Large Planter Outside Dia.  33” x  38” H 125 lbs.
AC-2231 Jumbo Planter Outside Dia. 37” x 29” H 210 lbs.
  • Specification

    582.28 Kb

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