Practico Recyclers

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The large capacity of the Practico recycling center is perfect for businesses or Schools that want to do their part to save the environment.
* Two removable 27.5 gallon liners neatly store your recyclable materials.
* Unique openings are labeled clearly to promote proper recycling (Silk Screened).
* No Ripped Bags.
* The bag holders in the Basic Recycle 55 protect the bag from being ripped.
* The uniquely shaped openings are designed to accommodate specific recyclable material and eliminates unwanted litter in the Basic Recycle 55.
* The silk screened universal recycle symbol and product labeling clearly identifies.
* Good Value.
* This polyethylene Practico is extremely durable and weather resistant.
* The Practico Recycler ships motor freight.

Model Number Capacity Height Outside Diameter Ship Weight
CZ-745310 Plastic / Aluminum
745410 Paper / Trash
745510 Mixed Recyclables / Trash
55 gal. 40.75” 26” W x 25” D 35 lbs.
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