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* Moda is made from durable 304 grade steel.
* Rubber guard on the base protects the floors and keeps the unit securely in place.
* This unit includes two removable half-round shaped Polypropylene 1.6 gallon liners.
* Convenient, extended lip on liner makes it easy to lift, empty & clean liners.
* Liner includes a recessed area for decal application.
* Decal set included Trash, Aluminum, Paper, Glass, Plastic & Mixed.
* Made out of recycled steel.
* 1-year warranty.
Our decorative, Guest room recycler is a great way to showcase your Green Initiatives.
Placing this unit at your facility allows your customers a convenient way to participate in your recycling program.

Model MODA Capacity Dia. Ht.
CZ-780931 Perforated. Moda guest room recycler. Includes 2 half round 1.6 gal. liners & decal set. 10” 12.75”
CZ-781029 Smooth Moda guest room recycler. Includes 2 half round 1.6 gal liners and decal set. 10” 12.75”
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    842.80 Kb

T2 Site Amenities

T2 Site Amenities