Low Rectangle

Size + Options


Available in both Steel and Aluminum
* Low planter bowls can be used indoors or out for dramatic planting effects.
* Outdoor units drilled for drainage.
* Can be ordered with a natural “Rust” finish for outdoors or Powder Coat for indoors.
* We can “Color-Match” for your projects.

Model Low Rectangle Ht. Dimensions Ship Wt. Steel ShipWt. Aluminum
OR-A1100S Powder Coat Aluminum OR-S1100R Natural Rust Steel 14” 25” L x 14” W  42 20
OR-A1101S Powder Coat Aluminum OR-S1101R Natural Rust Steel 14” 42” L  x 14” W 63 27
OR-A1102S Powder Coat Aluminum OR-S1102R Natural Rust Steel 14” 60” L x 14” W 84 36
  • Specification

    299.33 Kb

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