Lotus Pod

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Lotus Pod Recycler
* Integrates earth friendly colors to give a contemporary look.
* Indoor or Outdoor receptacle blends beautifully with any décor.
* Perfect for office environments, hotels, park environments.
* Constructed from extremely durable polyethylene; designed to withstand harsh environments.
* Lid fits snug to base for a secure attachment.
* Self-centering liner guides and secures the liner back into place for a perfect time.
* Recycler includes a set of decals; Paper, Plastic, Recycle, Cans.
* Made in USA.
* 1 Year Warranty.
* Ships via UPS.

Model Number Capacity Height Outside Ship Wt.
CZ-756141 Lotus Pod Waste 15 gallon 38” 21” 27 lbs.
CZ-75624199 Lotus Pod Recycle 15 gallon 38” 21” 27 lbs.
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    540.41 Kb

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