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Livia Benches
* Straight and scalloped benches available for indoor and outdoor applications.
* Metal frame and spacers available in standard and premium finish selections.
* For indoor applications, benches are offered in Maple, Walnut and White Oak.
* Outdoor benches are manufactured using Ipe, an established brand of exterior hard wood.
* Optional upholstered seat pad offered on straight, indoor benches only.
* Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
Livia is more than what it appears to be at first glance, prompting a second look to appreciate its subtle nuances.
The scalloped wood beam design creates a wave-like effect that ebbs and flows in varying degrees.
Your viewing angle is further enhanced by a step progression that takes shape along its side profile for another layer of depth.
Designed by Christopher Panichella

Livia Dimensions Ship Weight
ACD-8261 60” W x 20” D x 17” H 63 Lbs.
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    419.64 Kb

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T2 Site Amenities