Linear Graphite

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Linear Recycler Large Capacity unit
* Available as an outdoor model with canopy.
* Also available as a Food Service unit with tray storage.
* Two 45 gallon capacity liners.
* Heavy Duty two-stream waste & recycling receptacle.
* Outdoor Unit includes sleek canopy to protect from weather.
* Indoor unit FS includes tray storage area.
* Available in Recycle Blue with Silver Star Powder Coat Finish.
* Easy to read white graphics for designated waste streams.
* Units come with standard keyed locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access.
* Made in the USA.

LINEAR Capacity Dimensions Ship Wt.
EK-RGU3645 GRPH/HMG Canopy  2/45 gal liners  48.5” x 23.5” x 52”  200 lbs.
EK-RGU3645ID GRPH/HMG  2/45 gal liners  48.5” x 23.5” x 36.5”  200 lbs.
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    583.76 Kb

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