Lima Tapered

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Sophisticated and unique tapered design
* Planters are wider at the top and taper at the bottom creating a very timeless and eye-catching design.
* They work well in a more traditional setting.
* Available in a large selection of sizes to accommodate small to large sized plants and spaces.
* Our products are made from the highest quality lightweight fiberglass.
* Excellent for indoor or outdoor use.

Tapered Square Dim. Height Wt.
JS-69305-11 12” 12” 5 lbs.
JS-69305-15 16” 16” 7 lbs.
JS-69305-19 20” 20” 11 lbs.
JS-69305-24 24” 24” 24 lbs.
  • Specification

    482.06 Kb

T2 Site Amenities

T2 Site Amenities