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Kendo is a veritable heavyweight

Structural supporting curved exterior walls, connected to solid, flat side frames.

Extra reinforced door with welded hinges

Doors with retaining cross-sections that prevent overstretching

Reinforced roof design tightly connected to the frame structure.

Inner liner made of zinc plated steel

Catch basin made of zinc plated steel sealed with silicon.

Fitted with stainless steel clamps.

High Design for ultimate wear with Wipe and it’s gone external coating. Created to hold up to Park and Railway abuse.


Available as post or wall mounted units.

* Please note this product is imported from Germany and has a minimum order quantity of 6 units.


Kendo Description
ARC-65511 Galvanized Steel Powder Coated panels, Special Grafitti resistant coating 42 Gallons

18.5”W x14.5”D c 4”x 36”H

  • Specification

    523.21 Kb

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T2 Site Amenities