Hampshire 2 stream

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The Hampshire dual recycling receptacle offers classic details and timeless design with unmatched durability.
* Plastisol coated steel slats provide uncompromising strength without sacrificing good looks.
* The premium Hampshire look is protected with the exclusive multi-stage Fusion Advantage™ process which provides unmatched rust protection.
* Thick plastisol over steel means this receptacle feels cool and comfortable to the touch even in the hot sun.
* Our exclusive, patented TopCoat™ powder coating process has a richly tinted, high-gloss finish encapsulating the finish.
* Plastisol coating protects it from cracking, fading, mold and mildew.
* Powder coated top is shielded by FusionGuard® for extreme rust protection.
* Top features two openings:  a 5″ diameter opening for bottles/cans, and a 5″ diameter opening for paper recycling.

Model Dimensions Ship Wt.
ANV-L1381 32”H x 28”D 89 lbs.
  • Specification

    417.21 Kb

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