Geneva Bottles & Cans Recycler

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The Geneva Recycler features Heavy gauge seamless hand spun Aluminum tops.
* Double wall fire safe containers constructed of recycled aluminum.
* Offered in satin aluminum or tarnish proof satin brass.
* Also available in recycled galvanized steel with your choice of 27 powder coat finishes.
* Having the right size tops insure that receptacle is used for its intended purpose.
* Easy to read Silk Screened wording encourages compliance.
* Rigid plastic Liners included.
* Optional Galvanized steel inner liner available at an up charge.
* Rust proof aluminum bottoms.

GENEVA Cap.Gal. Ht Outside Diameter
GLO-LB1242 15 30” 12”
GLO-LB1542 23 30” 15”
GLO-LB2032 33 35” 20”
  • Specification

    413.22 Kb

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