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Glass Reinforced Fiberglass (GFRC) Receptacles
* Receptacles constructed from concrete are very heavy.
* Once in place, they tend to stay put.
* Fresco Series are constructed from GFRC are about 1/3 the weight of concrete.
* In short, a 200 pound GFRC receptacle would weigh about 600 pounds if constructed from concrete.
* GFRC also has a smother finish than concrete.
* Available in a range of finishes & styles.
* Matching planters available.
* Made in the USA.

Model FRESCO SERIES Description / Capacity Dia Ht
 ARP-FGTRSH  Fresco Series 22 gal.  26”  33”
 ARP-FGFRTRASH  Fresco Series 22 gal.  29.5”  35”
 ARP-FGFRSQTRASH  Fresco Series 22 gal.  28.5”  33”
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    396.79 Kb

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