Fire Bowl

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* All fire pits are designed and constructed by individual artisans in the U.S.
* We use sustainable raw materials such as Recycled Steel, Recycled Aluminum, Reclaimed Hardwoods, and Eco-friendly degreasers which make everything 100% Post Consumer Recyclable.
* Available in Aluminum Powder Coat, these products are made out of 5052 marine grade Aluminum which guarantee a no-rust, maintenance-free container.
* Perfect for placement on porous surfaces. Our aluminum is twice the thickness of steel, half the weight and twice as strong as steel.

Round Fire Bowl Dimensions Wt.
OR-S4013R Natural Rust Steel Fire Bowl 34” Dia. X 20” H  78 lbs.
OR-A4013S Aluminum Fire Bowl powder coat 34” Dia. X 20” H 167 lbs.
  • Specification

    276.32 Kb

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