Essential Aggregate Urn

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Updated stone ash urns with rounded corners prevent snags.
Non-rusting, curved aluminum frame gives a more modern look to traditional smoking urns.
* 5-year limited structural warranty
* Panels are hand-trowelled, 1/2″ thick natural stone cast in polymer matrix concrete
* Inner panel core is made from heavy-duty, galvannealed steel for superior resistance to damage from extreme weather
* Painted bronze aluminum frame with a durable polyethylene top
* Unique frame resists chipping and wear
* Flat ashtray top features a convenient, easy-to-maintain ashtray
* Includes top and black beauty sand substitute
* Top includes strap and hardware to secure it to the receptacle base
* Also available with standard inner core hardboard substrate construction
* Matching trash receptacle, ash/trash receptacles and recyclers are available
* Federally ADA-compliant Please check your local regulations for possible additional requirements.




Ship Wt.


24 ”H x 15 ” Sq

62 lbs.

  • Specification

    314.26 Kb

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T2 Site Amenities