Elan Triple Recycling Station

Size + Options


This elegant indoor bin combines functionality & flexibility to create an exceptional recycling and waste container.
* Designed for the most discerning environments.
* The Triple Elan is available in Stainless Steel with black textured powder coated lids.
* Clearly marked openings guide the user to recycle different waste streams into the right compartment.
* Equipped with a hinged lid and pivoted bag frame.
* Self-extinguishing bin – the shape of the lid cuts off oxygen supply to help extinguish fire.
* The twin and triple lids are supported by gas shocks for safe handling by staff.
Great look for Hotels, Office Lobbies, Retail facilities. 
Anywhere beautiful design and functionality  are required.



Cap. Dimensions Wt.
BS-FBElan2SS 2/21 gal. 31”H x 17.75”D x 33.5” W 61.75 lbs.
BS-FBElan3SS 3/21 gal. 31”H x 17.75”D  x 45” W 92.5 lbs.
  • Specification

    402.71 Kb

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T2 Site Amenities