Echelon Slim

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Contemporary Sleek design featuring polished stainless steel body with black anodized aluminum trim
* Two stream units available with ample 35 gallon capacity total of 70 gallons
* Locking dual front doors open for easy serviceability of liners
* Rigid Plastic Liners included
* High end aluminum graphics kit to denote waste stream Cans/Bottle, Compost, Landfill, Paper, Plastic, Recyclables and Trash
* All waste stream openings are finished in a fingerprint proof black texture Powder Coat finish.
* Larger capacity ideal for high traffic areas of: hotels, casinos,  commercial buildings, convention  centers  and other locations
* ADA Compliant
* Made in the USA


Echelon Description Capacity Dimensions Ship Wt.
EK-ECH-SLCOMBO SS/BL 1 Co-mingle Openings
1 Trash Opening
35 gallons
2/17 gal.
26.75” x 18.5” x 40” 96 lbs.
EK-ECH21ESS/BL 2 Trash Openings 15.75” x 10.5”


35 gallons
2/17 gal.
26.75” x 18.5” 40” 96 lbs.
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    494.12 Kb

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