Cliffy 4000

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Multi-step handicrafted foam coated furniture is our specialty.
The design and manufacture of High Concept Foam coated furniture and architectural products, allows us to develop fresh concepts with dramatic impact.
* The design flexibility of our coated foam is limitless.
* We start with a large foam bun which is CNC cut into virtually any shape.
* Our foam coating is applied and the entire color spectrum is at your disposal.
* When completed the product is a flexible, weather resistant, seamless design statement.
* Limited 10 year warranty.
* Created by International Designer Rainer Mutsch
* Made in the USA
Let your imagination run wild!

Model Description Dimensions

SI-Cliffy 4000

High Traffic

Coated Foam Couch 2 piece 161” W  x 70” D x 28” H
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    271.31 Kb

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