Cayman Top Opening Towel Return

Size + Options


Top loading towel return shown with vertical grooved design and a flat top
* “TOWELS ONLY”. Available in either two tone or solid colors.
* Units feature hinged door for ease of towel removal.
* All units include liner.
* Our Earth Friendly Towel Valets are constructed 97% recycled milk jugs.
* They are resistant to insect, mildew, mold, & graffiti. Won’t split, rot, crack and never needs paint.
* Has UV inhibitors to prevent fading.
* Comes in 7 colors with multiple combinations available.

Model Number Dimensions Gal. Wt.
TST2N2B-19202038 24 x 24 x 41”H 38 75 Lbs
TST2N2B-19202045 24 x 24 x 37” H 45 93 Lbs
TST2N2B-19202055 24 X 24 X 40”H 55 104 Lbs
  • Specification

    283.08 Kb

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