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Similar in shape to the Valencia Planters, the Brannan planters are great for a larger, more dramatic look.
They are well suited to either traditional or modern spaces and have a beauty and simplicity that will enhance any design.
* Available in two sizes, the Brannan planter can be placed alone, in groups, or as a set.
* Our products are made from the highest quality frost resistant lightweight fiberglass.
* Specially formulated for indoor or outdoor use.
They also have a tranquil and timeless look that will look good for many years to come without going out of style.

BRANNAN Diameter Height Wt.
JS-69600-18 18” 29” 12 lbs.
JS-69600-35 35” 41” 31 lbs.
  • Specification

    647.90 Kb

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T2 Site Amenities