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These planters have an Eastern aesthetic to them.
Gorgeous and Light weight, the Acclaim planters are a collection of three shapes with various sizes available.
* These containers are available in a variety of colors and finishes Gloss, Matte, Semi-Gloss, Metallic, Gemstone, & Burnished.
* Eco-Fiberglass uses 30% less Fossil Fuel Content.
* We have multiple sizes, colors and finish options. Most have saucers available.

Acclaim Floor & Table Dimensions
ASI-OVA090607 9.3”L x 6”D x   6.6” H
ASI-OVA130910 13.3”L x 8.6”D x 8.6” H
ASI-OVA191314 19.5” L x 12.6” D x 13.9” H
ASI-O  VA271819 27.2”L x 17.6” D x 19.4” H
Acclaim Tall Dimensions
ASI-OVAT130925 13.3”L x 8.6” D x 25.2” H
ASI-OVAT191337 19.5” L x 12.6” D x 36.9” H
ASI-OVAT271852 27.2” L x 17.6” D x 51.5” H
Acclaim Bowls Dimensions
ASI-OVAB130906 13.3” L x 8.6” D x 6.8” H
ASI-OVAB191310 19.5” L x 12.6”D x 9.9” H
ASI-OVAB271814 27.2” L x 17.6” D x 13.8” H
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