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T2 Site Amenities, Inc.

The Genesis of T2

In 2007, we saw the green trend in hospitality.

Especially in recycling.

However, there was a problem.

Properties were looking for upscale public space recycling bins, but didn’t know where to turn.

Traditional sources of supply (ie. distributors) were not offering the aesthetic recycling bins hotels and designers were requiring. Plus, manufacturers were not coming up with appealing designs.

And so, we created a one stop shop with an upscale collection of recycling bin solutions from the top North American manufacturers.

This required us to design new styles for the manufacturers. Styles that took off and became brand standards.

But….that was not enough. We had to offer the widest range of materials as well.

So, you’ll find products constructed from Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Fine Woods/Veneers, Fiberglass, Polyresin, Fibercrete and Concrete. All made in North America.

Based on customer requests, our portfolio expanded to planters, towel valets, benches and bike racks.

Benefits to You
  • First… you save time. Some suppliers have products just constructed from one material. Other suppliers just have a limited selection. With T2, you have the widest selection of styles and materials. All in the in one place. Simple, easy and efficient. Custom options as well.
  • A product portfolio to complement your style. Matching planters, benches, towel valets and receptacles. A coordinated look for interiors/exteriors.
  • Eco-efficient products. Being manufactured in North America, our products have a low carbon footprint. Recycled content and 100% recyclable.
  • Expert experience and consulting. We work with all of the top hotel brands..Starwood, Marriott, IHG, Hilton, Hyatt, etc.
  • We work closely with you to ensure our product suggestions meet your operational, aesthetic, ecological and financial objectives.

T2 Site Amenities – Helping you reach your green initiatives fast and with style.

T2 Site Amenities

T2 Site Amenities